Exercise Your Independence Muscle.

With ease, America enjoys freedoms and justices like no other place on the planet. As we walk on our sidewalks, grill on our grills, and fire explosives freely into the sky, someone, somewhere, is longing to take off her hijab. Today, enjoy the spoils that this great nation has made available to you.

We are numerous generations removed from wars that fought for real human rights and freedom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back. Perhaps showing thanks and respect to all of the people that have made this country as great it is involves being the real you. The real you is American. You’re hard-working, respectful, and honest. Be American by being politically incorrect… freedom wasn’t won by honoring the king. Don’t let anyone tell you that truth isn’t pc.

No, this doesn’t mean being rude. We are a nation that cares. We have built our reputation on the backs and hard work of immigrants and people coming to get a piece of the American pie. With that said, change your attitude toward those unlike you. Be honest with them… it’ll help everyone in the end.

You and I… we’re owed nothing. The only thing we are entitled to is what we choose to go and get. If we want to maintain our freedom, and keep justice intact, we have to stop licking the icing off the cake. Our problems are deeper. We need to probe our hearts, and start dealing with honesty in out own lives in a way that begins to reflect in society. Ask yourself… “is this right?” Scrutinize the motives of those that are both with you, and against you… then, begin using common sense to find a way to solve the problem. One step at a time. These are the freedoms that we should exercise.

I love this country and the people in it. Salt is used to bring out the richness and flavor in food, as people are to bring out the variety and experience of earthly life. I want to live in this place, and experience the best that we all have to offer. We have a long way to go, and we’ve come so far. Don’t let anyone tell you we’ve been sold short. Enjoy independence today. Have independent thought; conclude with facts, not feelings. Have independent experiences; Nobody is here to ensure your happiness. Together, we can be great… apart, we will meet our fate.


Do not spit in the face of sacrifice. Someone gave something for you, and they didn’t even know you.

Happy Fourth of July!


Love, Andrew


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