The Confederate Flag Is A Symbol Of Stupidity

I am neither for nor against the confederate flag. However, what I do stand against is blatant denial of sensibility. As a white male, Canadian born and Georgia raised, I can truthfully say that I don’t have a heartfelt attachment to the confederate flag; however, I do believe in preserving history and keeping heritage intact. With that being said, I would like to make a quick point about what I believe the Confederate flag actually symbolizes today.

At one point in time, the Confederate flag represented “The South.” The nation of the South flew it in battle, and eventually lost to the North. Let me just jump ahead to what seems to be more relevant. You may be thinking that I’m going to say that it now represents hate and racism, which seem to be the new, hot words to be using on social media.

You want to know what I think the flag actually represents today? American stupidity. Yep. Stupidity. No, not stupidity based on whatever representation it may have once had or even what it’s earned in the past few years of civil unrest. Stupidity is what it represents after society has started blaming A FLAG for it’s problems. The Confederate flag waves proudly in the wind, and has become a symbol of complete and total ignorance of Americans fighting against the flying of a flag. Today, our society is stuck on a steady diet of nonsense. Like a two year old repeats every word it hears without scrutiny, so does our society repeat the poisons of mass media. The problem is not a flag. The problem is a hyper-sensitive population that feels it’s owed something.

Does this mean that I believe that racism is gone? No. Do I believe that we still have issues with racial bias and discrimination? I absolutely do. However, it is my honest opinion that we have a system of government in which “the powers that be” have the ability to manipulate an ill-informed population into thinking that we’re supposed to hate each other. Why? Well, someone’s gotta get people to vote for their party, right? All it takes is some class warfare and race-baiting, and voila! A perfectly divided population, primed and ready for the next election!

Let’s get real, people. Flags don’t kill people. Our problem lies not in objects or symbols. Our problem is a sensitivity disease. Our problem is that we aren’t asking questions. The fact of the matter is this: People are getting shot, and we blame a flag. Correct me if I’m wrong, but throughout history, when nations are at war with one another, it’s not typically because the opposing nation’s flag offends them. If I were to take a stab at why the nations are fighting, I’d have to guess that it’s because there’s some form of oppression. With that said, I want to be clear that I’m not condoning war, but I find myself scratching my head at what I continue to see in the news. It’s clear that the issue is not a flag, rather, why we continue to have civil strife at all.

How incredibly stupid has our society become?!?  Can we not entertain the thought for a moment that there’s a deeper issue at hand? Perhaps something else is fueling these problems. And don’t tell me that white people hate black people, because that’s just not true. Our culture is deforming and mutating itself into some sort of cannibalistic narcissistic schizophrenic trying to eat itself alive.

Race-baiting is preying on those whose opinions and views act like that of an amoeba; Constantly changing to fit the agenda of puppeteering politicians.

We have a government that knows exactly what’s going on, and I’m willing to bet that everything is going according to plan. Again, I know that we have some issues of substance at hand, but what worries me is how easily we buy into every political production. We’re better than this, America. Really, we are. We can do better. The concept of conversation has left the building, and when we stop communicating, all we have left becomes actions of flat-out primitivity and pure evil. Let’s stop being so sensitive. People are ALWAYS going to have a different opinion than you are, I promise.  We need to start treating differing opinions as a chance to see someone else’s view! Stop being so selfish. He has said, We are the salt of the Earth! …I say we enjoy the flavor.

Let’s find that part of our heart that loves without even trying.



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