An Important Message To My Generation’s Daters

If you’re going to be cheated on, LET IT HAPPEN! Woah, that feels good. I’ve been DYING to say that for quite a while. What’s wrong with us? Why does it feel like everywhere I look there’s another breakup due to… no, not infidelity, but the prevention of infidelity!? Honestly, this is a scenario that makes my head spin I think it’s so stupid.

I’m going to say this as plainly as I possibly can. I know it sounds odd, but just trust me…God has a way of working in your life as soon as you let him take over. Do it your way? Here’s what’ll happen.

If you suspect someone is cheating on you, wants to cheat on you, or will cheat on you, just let them. Why? Simple. If they’re capable of doing anything aforementioned, the relationship isn’t going to work out whether you like it or not. It just won’t. I promise. Oh, and have I mentioned the alternative to my prescribed method? No? Okay, check this out.

Instead of letting your destiny unfold, let’s see how you jumping in the way looks!

You’re clingy. (unattractive relational quality)


You don’t trust. (also an unattractive relational quality)


You spend an above average amount of time with your companion in order to keep an eye on them. (also an unattractive relational quality)


You make false accusations. (also an unattractive relational quality)


You embarrass yourself. (also an unattractive relational quality)


You do everything above to someone who wasn’t cheating on you in the first place and they break up with you. (your fault)

Let’s just take that in for a moment.


If you’re ever…ever at a point in a relationship, whether it’s you, or your significant other where you’re trying to hinder, catch, or inhibit some other relationship from happening… know that it’s God doing you a favor. Don’t get in his way. Believe me, He always comes out as the victor. I’ve seen way too many people become accustomed to their insecurity. It’s like breathing to them. They impose their fears and worries on others and it winds up wrecking anything good they could’ve had.

The only comparison that I can use here is this: Trying to stop someone that would otherwise cheat on you is like trying to stop a river with toothpicks. You just can’t keep the water from moving just like you can’t keep someone’s heart in a relationship that was never there. Don’t fight it. It’s a beautiful thing to see people surrender their fear and follow their faith. The right person for you won’t confine you and track your every move. Instead, they will push you, thrusting you into situations they know will help you to grow, with or without them. Jesus has someone lined up for you. Let it happen when it happens.


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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Brittany says:

    This is good stuff! 👍

  2. Emily Rhea says:

    So much love for this post.

  3. Diana says:

    There is so much truth to this!!! I love how you said to “surrender your fear and follow your faith”. You’re absolutely right is saying that the “right person” won’t confine you but will encourage you to grow and bloom into the person God wants you to become. That growth should not be stifled or caged. The person God has “lined up” for you will be just perfect for you and it will be a beautiful thing. 🙂 ❤

    1. andalexander says:

      Thank you Mrs. Diana! This post came from my heart because of love… I want to see friends and family grow! I don’t want to see life unchanged. This post was complete catharsis.

    1. andalexander says:

      Thank you, Daniel!

  4. Coleen says:

    Well said!

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