Pura Vida: Pure Life.

Just wanted to share some of my photos with y’all! Though my trip was for work, I was able to get some moments in for myself. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and the people were no different. As I met and spoke with so many of them I found that they have pride in their community and country at a level that I was unaware of. Yes, I was in a country in which I’d never been, but I was also having conversations that I’ve never had.

What was so refreshing? I’ll tell you as simply as I can. There’s a lot of issues in Central America. There’s poverty, joblessness, and what seems to be a very unbalanced scale of wealth. Nonetheless, rather than concentrate on what’s wrong with their system, they’ve chosen to focus solely on what’s right. Just let that sink in for a moment.

I’ve heard before that one complaint cancels out one hundred compliments. So I must ask, why are we so focused on the negative? Why can’t we hinge our hearts on all that we have instead of what we don’t? Needless to say, the experience was eye-opening.

There is an untapped power in remembering someone’s name. Look into it… I believe it’s the source of understanding the world vicariously.

Here are some of the photos I took when I was there! I stayed at the Papaguyo Resort on the Andaz Peninsula in the Guanacaste province which is in the Northwestern part of the country!

These are the cameras I had slung over my shoulders pretty much the entire time…


I went swimming in a river…


Took a selfie.


Ate really good food. Move over sushi, ceviche is my new favorite.


This is Josh. He got some awesome b-roll shots and edited the final video for the client while we were there.


One of the spots we went ziplining…


Flew the Inspire at Tamarindo Beach!


Costa Af-Rica!?


Took a catamaran ride out to “Monkey-Head Island.” I’m still wondering why they call it that.


Got up close…


Watched the sun set over the Pacific…


That’s my trip! I still wonder how I’m blessed enough to have opportunities like the one I encountered in Costa Rica. I’m forever thankful to Mark Taulbee for believing in my skills and work ethic. None of this would have happened without his faith! Enjoy!


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    1. andalexander says:

      Right!? Gah I want to go back!

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