Project Update: Concrete/Pallet Table

Here’s where I’m at y’all! Poured the concrete, let it cure, flipped it right-side up, and finally, it rests in it’s final position. The top is estimated at roughly 650 lbs, and is smoother than glass on the top. All that awaits is a light stain to get a slightly more sandy color out of the stone, and then it needs a sealer! Shouldn’t be too long!

1920515_10152624895016831_2505637356251038530_n 11083657_10152624895116831_2472995308165179487_n


This may seem odd, but I’m looking to name the project. Any suggestions? I’m open for all ideas! Oh yeah, did I mention that she’s for sale? Yeah. Tell your friends! 😉

Higher resolution images are also on the way…




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