Free Falling.

I’m teetering on the fulcrum of selfish safety and Godly goodness.

I have a big decision to make-

I’ve been craving God’s word in the first-world like the third-world craves nourishment.

The whirlwinds of life seem to ebb-and-flow like waves of the ocean;

By bringing life-giving oxygen, and tearing away useless branches and limbs as I go.

I continue to be drawn;

Drawn to the starry night when it’s coldest and dry.

Seeking movement when it’s most difficult to see.

I yearn to crack impermeable shells.

In the darkness, I am reflecting light.

Silence calls me to speak.

Finding reference in rapture.

I am called now, to step.

But how to I dive from the dock and swim for open water?

I know my Savior will save me, but to what degree do I prepare?

How will I float when my body expires?

How can I know I won’t be left desperately choking for air?

My hope and peace rest solely in my helmet of salvation.

I have little, but what I do have is the cloak and armor of my God.

I have the sword of the spirit sewn into my soul.

My frame will flex with the breastplate of righteousness as I kneel before my creator.

I will tread slowly forward, willingly;

My shield of faith will deflect darts out of the darkness,

As my feet carry me with the gospel of peace.

I look forward to the steps in front of me.

There are few, but their number is unassociated with their stature.

I look forward to falling faithfully.

Praying blessings on those who need it more than me.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana says:

    Beautifully, poetic. Wearing the full armor of God will give you the protection needed. The faith that is required, I know is petrifying but that is where faith comes in. Fully trusting and knowing that He will provide for you whatever is needed is hard. You have a gift and a heart for Him and for spreading that love to those that don’t know Him yet. He gives you that hunger for His Word. Continue to pray for that hunger. Praying for wisdom and discernment!

    1. andalexander says:

      Your encouragement is so valuable to me Mrs Diana! Thank you so much! Your prayers are so deeply felt and appreciated! You are amazing!

  2. Emily Rhea says:

    Wow. Incredible choice of words.

    1. andalexander says:

      I appreciate you reading Emily!

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