When We Dream (Part One of Two)

We hope for world peace while we stay indifferent to the lost.

We envision an entire life with “the one,” but fail to focus on the present.

We seek societally-defined success.

We pray for patience but panic until we have something to post.

We expect eternal life, but only read and repeat.

We consider only serving our self.

We talk about how we want to live, and fail to implement change.

We think about one day, and live as if it hasn’t already passed us by.

We think about a field of flowers and are ungrateful for the one in our hand.


We become dishonest to ourselves about ourselves.

We begin believing that dreaming is futile.

When ours fail, we commence telling others to cease dreaming.

We start being realistic, which removes the element of risk, and fearlessness.

We settle. We transform into a substance little more than dust.

We move in the directions we’re pushed.

We become unable to hold our ground.


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