Why you feel like you’re not good enough

I recently decided to start a blog because I think what I’ve got to say is SO golden, everyone I know should have a chance..no, must read it. For those of you that will read this, you will know that I am kidding. I also should mention that it took a bit of courage for me to start a blog as I feel exactly the opposite of the opening sentence. However, I do believe that as I grow as a man, I am learning from, and seeing situations that perhaps the ordinary person may not. I have found that inevitably in life, (no matter how great “things” can be at certain times) will always find a way for you to feel..set back. Whether it’s a lack of money, sickness, relationships, or even something a simple as staining your favorite shirt, life likes to humble us.

I should mention here in my first blogpost that I am a Christian man. I am 25 years old and I am still learning very much about faith, mine in particular. I haven’t started a blog to write exclusively about Christianity, religion or anything of the sort. Rather, I would like to write about life experiences that one can learn from, that may help someone else to their feet again. Take my posts with a grain of salt, PLEASE. If you can get something from this, take it, it’s yours.

So, here we go-

Feet. What do we do with our feet? A lot actually. Our feet were given to us so we would have the ability to walk. I hope that my posts can help others forward. However, when we stumble, we stumble with our feet. When someone smells, typically…it’s their feet (in my experience). We stand on our feet. They support us through all we endure. We blame them when we fall, and they catch us when we jump. Mine are bony, and I have freak-long toes…but they work just fine, so I’m not complaining.

This week I had the chance to read some excerpts from the book of Mark. One of the stories included a woman asking Jesus to help heal her daughter, and Jesus was distant to the woman. He paid little attention to her, in comparison to others he had encountered or healed in the past. I found this odd as it seemed that Jesus always wanted to show his followers that he cared for them, and loved them. It became easy for me to see that he did love this woman. He was building her faith. He gave her little information about how he would help her, and walked away. The woman then had a choice. It would be easy…EASY (and I will use this special word often in the future) for her to turn away and forget. It would be more difficult to trust, to believe in his words. After all, who was this guy? Jesus set this woman on a path many Christians come to know. It’s not easy to follow Christ. He was perfect…and we. are. not.

My mother, whom I respect and love so much, taught my brothers and I some valuable lessons when we were young… some that I’m translating to secondary meanings even today. Like a mother duck and her three little ducklings trailing her for some eighteen years, she was teaching us about the dangers of the world, where to step, where not to step, what to eat, not to eat… one particular lesson was a swimming lesson. We spent summers on the lake for years. I vividly remember being afraid of the jumping in to the abyss, but my mom was fine to hop in and tread water for minutes at a time. She always told me, “if you ever see someone drowning, swim up to them, and stick your foot up in front of them.” …to which my only response was a wrinkled forehead and a quick glance at a the closest brother. She stuck her foot up above the surface of the water in front of the imaginary person thrashing about then said, “BUT you keep your foot juuust out of reach, and start to swim backward, leading them to safety.” I watched her paddle her arms at her sides as her foot remained just above the surface as she methodically swam away from the boat. “You’ll hear them yelling at you, asking to grab onto you, asking you to save them.” She eventually made her way back to the boat and said, “what they don’t know is that you are saving them, and they’re learning to swim at the same time.” She informed me that you let them pursue you, and you guide them to safety, whatever that may be in the given scenario.

My epiphany this week: As I read chapter seven from the book of Mark, I tried to understand why Jesus kept this woman at a distance. I think it’s because he was testing her. He could have wrapped her up in his heavenly arms and calmly told her that everything will be okay…but he didn’t. He wanted to change her. He wanted her heart to grow… I think that we can all relate to this woman. We are constantly in pursuit of redemption because we sin…in other words, we’re always fighting against the water..always trying to stay above it. But it’s hard…and when we reach, he looks at us in the eye and pulls forward, because he knows we can keep going. Just as the drowning victim might frantically ask, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST SAVE ME,” we may be asking God, “why?” He wants us to reach for him. It may seem like you’re sinking, constantly fighting to keep your head above the water. You may also feel like you’re not making any progress, but you are. Your frantic attempts to reach are small steps. Just as the victim in the water feels helpless, you may also feel alone. You are not. God is in front of you, pulling you forward. “Just keep swimming!” -Dori from Finding Nemo. We need to remember that faith is difficult, but eventually it will lead us ashore, and we will be saved. It’s a difficult process to constantly endure, but eventually, we will be better. We will follow the foot that teasingly remains just out of reach, and then we will stand.

SO, as for feet- please keep them clean…you smell if your feet smell. If you need to guide someone to safety, make sure they’re not gross. Otherwise, they may never reach for it. Hey, every once in a while reach for you own feet too…never hurts to give the old hamstrings a stretch, right? Just remember that we will always face adversity. Keep your head up, keep trying.

Thanks for reading my first blogpost! I have found that I really enjoy reading blogs, and I hope that others will enjoy reading mine as much as I enjoy reading theirs!

Remember that there are people that are not as blessed as you. At the very least, take time to be aware of others, and the battle they may be fighting.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana Wilson says:

    Love this soooooooo much!!! You have a gift in so many areas and now I see writing is another one. Proud of you! I will be following!

  2. Dude I love this! Enjoyed your thoughts and am supportive of your journey. Keep swimming and don’t be afraid to get out of the boat 🙂 you’re the man!

  3. “ANEW!!” I found you and you are still so profound. I will be following your posts. So enjoyed and so loved seeing your picture. Have missed you! Lori J.

  4. andalexander says:

    Mrs. Lori!! Wow, it’s been too long! I am so glad you found my blog! Thank you for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate the gesture! I hope you are well! I also hope that I am able to make it up somewhere Northwesterly sooner than later! Take care,

    Andrew, “Anew”

  5. mimi_rea says:

    Absolutely astounding! It inspired me and I am sooo glad I stumbled across your blog! God bless!

    1. andalexander says:

      Ah, I’m glad you liked it! Thanks so much Mimi!

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